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Your Running Club in Montreal!

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We promote running for health, recreation and competition for runners of all ages and all abilities. Try running with us for free!


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Would you like to know more about our club or are you thinking of joining?


Boréal Runners Club offers group running sessions three days a week on Monday and Wednesday evenings and on Saturday mornings.

Our Coach Olivier provides our members with three separate training plans depending on the distances that they run.


We have members who have started with us as complete beginners as well as members who were already at a very high level of training and experience when they joined.


We invite you to try running with us first with no obligation to see if you'd like to join. Look at our schedule to see where we are running.  

Brian Price is the liaison person for new and prospective members and he will be happy to help you and answer your questions. 


To see just how much fun we've had at events and races from the past few years, visit our Boreal Photos page.


To sign-up, go to the registration page.


For other info or questions, please e-mail


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